Post and Beam for Sunny 95

November 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Working with R. W. Setterlin & the Timber Framer’s Guild, Sunny 95 gets a new post and beam pavilion!  Vermont Timber Works hand crafted the new post and beam, thank you Alicia for letting us grab some pics.  Beautiful Job!

Fantastic job!


Douglas Fir Post and Beam

October 13, 2010 1 comment

Custom designed douglas fir post and beam home with cherry keys.

Raising this timber frame in Chelsea, VT, enjoy some progress shots from our timber frame crew.

See the cherry spline?

Traditional Joinery and Steel Joinery As Designed by Bonin Architects & Fabricated by Vermont Timber Works.

Custom Design Post and Beam / A Few Finished Pics!

August 31, 2010 2 comments

Custom post and beam dining hall, Camp Hayden in Fishkill, NY.  These finished pictures are wonderful, thank you John at The Geddis Partnership for sending them to us!   Let’s work together again soon…

 Interior post and beam features tall columns and douglas fir timber framing, steel joinery.  Love the contrast.

Day time or night time, this building is creative, interesting and gorgeous.  Do you agree?

Pretty Little Pool House

Count me in, I love the post and beam pool house. Love the fireplace also!

Traditional Joinery and King Post Design.

High End Post and Beam / Progress Shots!

August 2, 2010 2 comments

As promised, some pictures of our post and beam raising.

Flying in the timber trusses and dovetailed purlins.

Post and Beam Entryway, King Post Design.

Looking out from the timber frame octagon, COOL!  Custom designed and engineered for a New York State home.

High End Post and Beam

Many times a post and beam residential project will be on a high-end home.  Like this one!  Not a full timber frame, some timber here and some timber there, post and beam entry trusses and perhaps a timber octagon.  Looks great 🙂

Post and Beam Monastery

Now THAT is a post and beam cupola…see the king post trusses?  One of our most beautiful and complex timber frames is our Bethlehem Monastery timber frame.

Here we are, ready to raise. Bring it on, where’s that crane?

Nice progress Vermont Timber Works!