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Post and Beam Pavilion PICS

Timber Frame Pavilion

Looking good in New Jersey, nice job!

King Post Design (for the clear span) some steel joinery was needed, love the hips also.  NEED some completed pictures of this one.


Post and Beam Pool House

March 2, 2011 3 comments

This post and beam pool house features our king post truss design with purlins.

The stone work and the fireplace is beautiful, I hope we can get some finished pictures.

Douglas fir timbers with a satin polyurethane, very pretty.  And, these timbers will deepen in color over time, more red with a hint of orange.

Post and Beam for Sunny 95

November 10, 2010 Leave a comment

Working with R. W. Setterlin & the Timber Framer’s Guild, Sunny 95 gets a new post and beam pavilion!  Vermont Timber Works hand crafted the new post and beam, thank you Alicia for letting us grab some pics.  Beautiful Job!

Fantastic job!

Douglas Fir Post and Beam

October 13, 2010 1 comment

Custom designed douglas fir post and beam home with cherry keys.

Raising this timber frame in Chelsea, VT, enjoy some progress shots from our timber frame crew.

See the cherry spline?

Traditional Joinery and Steel Joinery As Designed by Bonin Architects & Fabricated by Vermont Timber Works.

Pretty Little Pool House

Count me in, I love the post and beam pool house. Love the fireplace also!

Traditional Joinery and King Post Design.

Glulam Arches In A Beautiful Hybrid Timber Frame

June 9, 2009 2 comments
Glulam Arches & Doulgas Fir Timbers

Glulam Arches & Doulgas Fir Timbers

Vermont Timber Works worked very closely with Binder-Ghidorzi Architectural on this residential post and beam project.  The timber arches are glulams, and the remaining timbers are natural douglas fir.  Schultz Building coordinated the construction on site as well as installed our timber framing.  Great job everyone!

Residential Post and Beam with Glulam Arches

On the lake?  You were not kidding Jen!  Vermont Timber Works custom designs and engineers each project.  Would you like a timber great room like this?  Call us, 802-886-1917.

Post and Beam Design with Principal Purlins

From the pages of a magazine, adapted to our clients design, here is a wonderful example of custom timber framing.

Principle Purlins, Post and Beam Great Room.
Principal purlins holding up the world and beautiful timber arches. All douglas fir, free of heart center timbers.

Arched Beams

AND the prettiest lake view in Cadiz, KY. (just my opinion)!

ready to raise