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Post and Beam Info for Architects

Post and beam construction in mind?  Is your architect familiar with this type of framing?  If not, or even if so, send them to our Timber Framing for Architects page! Here you will see examples of our shop drawings, typical post and beam connections, heavy timber specs, engineering info and much more.


Post and Beam and Much More…

August 5, 2009 3 comments

What goes into a post and beam home you ask?  Ok, you didn’t ask, but I’m going to tell you. The posts and the beams of course.  Don’t forget the braces, connectors, plates, joists, the roof system which may be a structural timber ridge with purlins or rafters.  What did I forget?

How about the thought?  At Vermont Timber Works, we custom design each post and beam home.  MUCH thought goes into each one, designing,  drafting and engineering.

Post and Beam Home

OH, and we hand craft each timber frame, am I proud about that?  I sure am.  Vermont Timber Works, Inc.

Post and Beam Farmhouse

Farmhouse Design

Can you tell which part is the addition?  The barn or the house?  We’ll it’s the post and beam farmhouse that Vermont Timber Works added to the existing barn.

Post and Beam Sunroom

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