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Post and Beam Pavilion PICS

Timber Frame Pavilion

Looking good in New Jersey, nice job!

King Post Design (for the clear span) some steel joinery was needed, love the hips also.  NEED some completed pictures of this one.


Post and Beam Pool House

March 2, 2011 3 comments

This post and beam pool house features our king post truss design with purlins.

The stone work and the fireplace is beautiful, I hope we can get some finished pictures.

Douglas fir timbers with a satin polyurethane, very pretty.  And, these timbers will deepen in color over time, more red with a hint of orange.

Pretty Little Pool House

Count me in, I love the post and beam pool house. Love the fireplace also!

Traditional Joinery and King Post Design.

Custom Designed Post and Beam Pavilion

Custom Designed Timber Pavilion

Timber pavilion with a traditional king post design.  I love it.  Do you love it?  Would you like one?  If so, Vermont Timber Works is the place to get one.  Above is a 30′ x 60′ and does need steel joinery.  Something more in the 20-24′ span can take advantage of traditional joinery.

Post and Beam Pavilion

Vermont Timber Works, Inc.  36 Fairbanks Road, North Springfield, VT 05150 * 802-886-1917 * EMAIL US *

King Post Truss Design

Modified King Post TrussesSeems like a good idea to me!  These 4 modified king post trusses will be hand crafted out of douglas fir timbers and create a very pretty Timber Great Room.

Modified King Post Elevation

Custom designed in free of heart douglas fir timbers, traditional joinery with some steel needed.   Below is an example, designed, hand crafted and built by Vermont Timber Works.

Douglas Fir Mod. King Pst