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Post and Beam / Need a Plan?

January 11, 2014 Leave a comment

Is a post and beam constructed home for you? If so, and you do not have a design picked out yet, we can help.  Always offer custom designs, but how about something to get you started. Let’s take a look a the South Peak Resort design, available from our friends at Bonin Architects.


What I  find very nice about this design is the kitchen is open to the dining area, but not completely open to the living space.  You get some separation, what do you think?

post and beam floor plan

3 Bedrooms upstairs, great for a mid size family and the laundry space?  Love it!

post and beam floor plan

This design will also suit very nicely for a vacation home.  Do you agree?

Let’s go skiing!


Post and Beam and Much More…

August 5, 2009 3 comments

What goes into a post and beam home you ask?  Ok, you didn’t ask, but I’m going to tell you. The posts and the beams of course.  Don’t forget the braces, connectors, plates, joists, the roof system which may be a structural timber ridge with purlins or rafters.  What did I forget?

How about the thought?  At Vermont Timber Works, we custom design each post and beam home.  MUCH thought goes into each one, designing,  drafting and engineering.

Post and Beam Home

OH, and we hand craft each timber frame, am I proud about that?  I sure am.  Vermont Timber Works, Inc.

Post and Beam Homes Custom Designed for YOU

Vermont Timber Works offers custom designs for post and beam homes.  To follow are a few examples of our fine work.

Hammer Beam Bent

Hammer Beam Bent

Timber Dining Room

Timber Dining Room

Timber Ceiling

Octagon Timber Room

Hand Hewn Pine Post and Beam Home

Hand Hewn Pine Post and Beam Home

Post and Beam Great Room

Post and Beam Great Room

See anything you like?  Vermont Timber Works is happy to talk with you about your post and beam home ideas.  Custom designed and hand crafted, always.  Call us @ 802-886-1917 or EMAIL us.

Post and Beam Construction

Post and beam construction is a wonderful choice for building. At Vermont Timber Works we custom design, engineer, hand craft and raise timber frames.

Post and Beam Construction
Thinking about a timber frame of your own? If so, we would like to be involved. Call Vermont Timber Works and get started today!

Post and Beam Beauty

January 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Our Jupiter Barn is a beautiful representation of post and beam construction. Take a look!

Post and Beam Home

Hand hewn timbers in eastern white pine create a very light but rustic feel. The fireplace isn’t bad either…if you like custom stone work!

Hand Hewn Post and Beam Interior